Shred and VitaminJ take top two in 2017 Fleet 9 Season Championship. Skaane and Doyle qualify for 2018 J/70 Worlds

September 5, 2017


Labor Day:

Last Saturday, four (4) J/70s came out to race three races. Team Africa sailed on Relative Obscurity but missed the first gun due to a last minute drysail mast takedown to retrieve two skied halyards following a Ted Hood premature derig effort. Team Africa still won the day with a 4-1-1.  But Clowncar, BadHombres and Chinook were only one point behind each other. 


Congrats to all and thank you Charlie and Sloan Pendleton for hosting our first JR1970 rodeo and diversifying our liquid portfolios even more.   Standing in the Pendleton garage Saturday morning, I do admit, that the R/19 portfolio appeared bigger and more diverse than Fleet 9s.  The best explanation I can think of is that the R19 fleet had been holding back their consumption and fleet 9 just cannot buy the stuff fast enough.


2017 Storm Trysail Club Ted Hood Regatta:

The inaugural Storm Trysail Club Ted Hood Regatta was a success with 16 J/70s on the line and seven races over three days.  Seven teams traveled to Marblehead of which five took the top spots at the event.  Consensus came in positive, with one idea that pushing the first gun out to 1pm instead of 11am, could mitigate the dreaded “when will it fill in?” feeling.  But who knows?  Next year, a hurricane may present itself from the south and we could be itching to get out at 9am!


Dave Franzel and Team Spring took the top Fleet 9 Ted Hood spot finishing in sixth place overall with 55 points.  Doyle and Skaane, both sailing Corinthian, took the next two best Fleet 9 spots with 60 and 62 points, respectively.   Frank McNamara on Chinook and Ted Johnson on VitaminJ finished tight behind with just 63 and 67 points, each.   And if Brauer’s Team Rascal had showed up on the first day of racing and delivered its next two day’s average score, Team Rascal may have leapfrog-ed this entire group ahead of Franzel.   A bit woulda-shoulda-coulda don’t you think? but great racing nevertheless from all!  Next year will be even better!


2017 J/70 Fleet 9 Season Championship:

Drumroll please!  Our winner of the 2017 Fleet 9 Season Championship is Stein Skaane and TeamShred, topping last two year’s season champion Jud Smith and Team Africa.    So it has now been proven that IT CAN BE DONE FOLKS; THANK YOU STEIN!  But you have to wait for the year when Jud is getting another team, other than his own, ready for the European and Worlds circuit. Regardless, Skaane et al. finished with a net score of 166 points, beating second place by 16 points.  What an awesome outcome! 


Ted Johnson and Team VitaminJ ended up tied for second place with Tyler Doyle/Duncan Swain on Clowncar.  However, Johnson wins the tie using RRS A8.1 having pulled in 5 mostly-MRA first place finishes against Doyle’s 2 first places.  Who said MRA doesn’t matter? 


Congratulations Stein Skaane and Team Shred for winning the 2017 J/70 Fleet 9 Season Championship. Congratulations also to Ted Johnson and Team VitaminJ for your second place overall, and Tyler Doyle and Duncan Swain on Clowncar with your third.  Awards will be presented and distributed at our December holiday party!  And also great to see a break in the trend on the perpetual.  Congrats to all.


2018 World Championship qualification and Fleet 9 Host Berths:

As part of Eastern Yacht Club and Fleet 9 hosting the 2018 J/70 World Championship, Fleet 9 was given two host berths.  Fleet 9 voted that the two lowest combined net score of the Marblehead NOOD Regatta and the Ted Hood Regatta would be awarded these two berths, one berth being an Open berth and the other Corinthian.  


The owner who have currently qualified under the Fleet 9 host berths are Tyler Doyle and Stein Skaane.  Doyle’s combined NOOD (29 points, net) and Ted Hood (60 points) total score is the lowest among those eligible with just 89 points.  Skaane’s combined total score is 109 points. 


Based on the J/70 Class Association 2018 World Championship qualification system and Fleet 9’s internal host berth qualification process, at least six (6) Fleet 9 owners have qualified to compete in the2018 J/70 World Championship: (1) Henry Brauer, (2) Tyler Doyle, (3) Daan Goedkoop, (4) Ted Johnson, (5) Stein Skaane and (6) Jud Smith.   Congratulations Tyler and Stein for being awarded the two Fleet 9 Host Berths and having qualified for the 2018 J/70 World Championship.  Your result is well deserved!


Other Fleet 9 owners can compete in the following US eastern seaboard qualifying events:

  • 2017 J/70 North American Championship at American Yacht Club in Rye, NY

  • 2017 East Coast Championship at Fishing Bay, Virginia,

  • 2017-2018 Davis Island Series,

  • 2018 St. Petersburg NOOD, and

  • 2018 Midwinter Championship in Miami, Florida










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J/70 Fleet 9: Marblehead, Massachusetts USA


J/70 Corinthian National Championship hosted by Eastern Yacht Club
Postponed to 2021